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  total coverage;         
      move in / out;

Are you preparing to move in or out of your home, apartment, office or condo? We know the stress of packing and moving.... leave the rest to us! 
Can you say..... Wooooosah​?

(Book a reoccuring service - 40% off)

What's covered? You'll recieve a full detailed cleaning, including the essence of aromatic smells from natural essential oils, and handcrafted formulas to enhance a relaxing enivroment.

This detailed service is perfect for a first time cleaning. True Hippie has got you covered, from top to bottom, to each and every corner. All while you sit back, relax and enjoy all the good smells.

(weekly - bi - weekly - monthly)

What's covered? All common living spaces, from the ceilings, to each surface, bathroom, kitchen area, outer appliances and floors.  We'll leave it sparking clean, Just how you like it.

window washing;
airbnb turnover;

A specialized product is formulated for the use of dirt removal from windows, inside and out! It's biodegradable and free of all those harsh chemicals!
Not to mention, keepin' it clean and natural is what we do best!


We provide a excellent turnover services to Airbnb hosts. All products and supplies are provided, laundry services included. Generally, A Flat rate will be discussed prior to booking a service.
Free consultations... Just ask! 
​Founder of True Hippie Cleaning Co.

Hello Friends, My name is Anastasia. I am the founder & owner of True Hippie Cleaning.
My passion for the Earth runs through my very roots, I love all that it is. The purpose of this company is to share a message of peace, love and a way of green living through self sufficent goods and services. I love to take part in positive impacts that make the World go round.
My products are totally natural, hand crafted, and biodegradable. It is my promise to leave no trace behind in all that I do. After all, The world is ours - We must do what we can to protect it. 

   "Rise up, Take Courage & Do it. - Ezra 10:4"


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